Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Banner Stands

Banner stands are compact, portable billboards that are made up of aluminum. These light weight banner stands can be used by a vendor or an organization to display an advertisement. The designs on the banner stands are essential in conveying important information about the product by the vendors or seller. This is achieved through posters, laminated graphics and other signs. Instances where your company may be overlooked because of the small sign displaying your products can be avoided if you use a miniature billboard. The miniature billboard will be able to show details about your company including information relating to your product, prices of your company products, and any other information pertaining to the products on offer.
As a vendor or a seller taking part in live events, it’s imperative to be a professional in how you present yourself and your product. Arranging for a convention or exhibition is a tricky affair that requires a sharp mind to be able to have your product stand out. To be able to achieve this, banner stands will propel you and your product to the apex from any other rivals. While you enjoy the comfort of having a portable showroom of your products, your competitors will be busy setting their products on standard tables on the space provided for common use! The banner stands gives you a competitive edge and exudes professionalism that translates to more clients visiting your stand.
Promotional banner stands come in a variety of options that you can choose from. Some banner stands are one sided while others are double sided which allows for different graphics on either of the sides. The latter banner stands provides for a perfect rotating of two different messages or graphics. The best option for those who would like to convey more than graphic or messages is a retractable banner stand.
The retractable banner stands come in different styles. Some of them can be pulled up or rolled down. Stands that can be rolled have proved to be very popular for their convenience since they allow for the graphic panel to be wound into a cartridge at the base of the stand. This feature has proved to be popular with advertisers wishing to display a variety of different graphics which can be swapped or rotated with others in a short time. When promoting different variety of products by vendors in a single event these retractable banner stands prove to be very useful. For the vendors who want to display a long message, motorized banner stands can prove handy as they automatically and constantly maintain a rotating text advertisement.
Because of the constant inconvenience of righting a fallen banner stand, some vendors are hesitant to use them for outdoor events. This encumbrance that eats the vendors’ time can be corrected by using specially designed banners for the outdoors. The bases of these banner stands are filled with water, gravel or other heavy material to minimize the chances of the outdoor banner stand from falling down. Serious vendors should invest in banner stands to be able to have their products stand out.

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