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The best board games is an emotive subject as different people have conflicting views on which games rank as the top board games of all time. While some websites will list chess to be on top of the pile others strongly vouch for monopoly. This article will be objective and present the most popular games in terms of votes and sales.
As far as the best board games are involved, chess leads the pack. Chess is one of the oldest board game surpassing both the Boardwalk and Park Place. This game was discovered in India in the 6th century AD. That’s how old chess is! While most games count on luck, Chess is strictly a brain games. The moves you make have to be thought out before you make a move lest you lose. Certainly Chess is the number one board game.
Monopoly Game
Following in popularity is Monopoly. Monopoly derives its popularity as the best board game from the simple fact that it is a family game. Unlike chess it relies heavily on luck.
Risk Board Game
This game is a lot of fun where the player is own a quest have total domination of the world. The game is fraught with risk thus its name. It takes third position in the best board game ever.
Checkers Game
This game is older than chess! It is simple yet very interesting and has been played by many generations.
Clue Board Game
This is a game that kids would immensely enjoy and a good distraction from the television. To make it fun it has to have more than two players.
Scrabble Game
This is one of the most educative word games in the world today. It is truly one of the best board game as it can accommodate different age groups and the family can enjoy playing it together. In the course of playing scrabble you learn new words and their meanings.
Settlers of Catan Board Game
The number of settlers of catan board game sold since 1995 reflects it popularity among board game players. The best part of these German style games is that no player gets to be eliminated thus making it quite popular as a family game. It does not involve killings making it the seventh best board game in the market.
Game of Life Board Game
This game is best suited for young school going children. It is a fun game that children can enjoy playing and provides a good alternative to the tube. It is a must have in every home.

Trivial Pursuit Board Game
This is a sport game that is very popular with the men. It’s even more interesting since the players have to be asked questions about sports.
Sorry Board Game
It has to constitute at least four players to make it interesting. This is a revenge game and tops in as far as best board games are concerned.
Chutes and Ladders
This board game is very popular with kids and its high sales can attest to this.
Hi-Ho Cherry-O
This board game is meant for children who are below five years old.
The best board games on this article may be disputed depending on your taste. You may sample some of them online and come to an informed conclusion.

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