Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Drawing Games Online

Parents should let their kids juices flow by letting them participate in the best drawing online games like magic pen, paint wars, sketch pad, just to mention a few. The main basics of some of these drawing online games are the games physic engine whereas some others aide in showing their best tactics for playing the game.
Childs most beneficial drawing online games include;
Drawing online games has a history of being a kids and for most teen’s, their most favorite pastime because just messing around with paints and having these paints puzzle them because of their creativity keeps their creative juices flowing. Your Childs unknown and yet to be discovered Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso expertise has been aided by the new dawn of computers, drawing tools like paints for window and others like CorelDraw programs.
Children could discover their imagination by drawing a few objects while the drawing online games physic would come to life to support their work therefore helping the child discover and show their imagination by drawing several objects. Some of the best drawing online games that I know would definitely draw your Childs attention and aid your Childs discovery of their creativity are like reminiscent to max and the magic maker, puzzles and smart tools.
1.Wizard of symbols
This drawing online game mostly entails joining the dots puzzle, where it lets children decode symbols of magic that are ancient connected by a series of dots, and just using a mouse to do that. The gamepaly modes used in this game are just two which are Arcade and Description and which are not so different from each other except for the fact that the description mode does the explaining of the meaning of the symbols after connection of the dots is complete.
This interesting join the dots puzzle may look easy but it is quite challenging because connection of the dots has to be done before the timer which is an hour glass, runs out and keeping in mind that with each level it gets difficult making it a challenge for the child to finish the online game within the hour glass time which is constant. Symbols for this drawing online game like, the mouse pointer being the medieval quill pen connecting dots on an old tattered book and the hour glass animation just keep the Childs mind interested and occupied.
2.Magic Pen
If you know the game play mechanics of max and the magic maker then this is the stripped-down version of it which uses a physic engine to come to life, its main aim being to accelerate and move the ball closer to the red flag. Moving the ball means one has to draw objects that will aide in moving the ball closer to the flag while difficulty of this game increases as the levels progress making one draw more complicated objects to enhance moving of the ball. This online game gives a walk through and a detailed tutorial which makes it one of the best drawing online games for kids.

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