Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fork lift truck

Forklift trucks are multipurpose equipment that have a wide array of uses in warehouses, building maintenance, construction sites as well as manufacturing plants. The forklifts trucks come in different designs depending on the specific tasks they carry out. The pronged attachment is installed on the front of the truck and is the main section of the truck. To ensure it’s transported easily, this pronged attachment is placed under a balanced load then raised above the ground. Forklift trucks have complex controls and are used in a busy environment requiring the operators fully trained and certificated for safety purposes.
Forklifts trucks are primarily used to transfer loads in material handling industries. The different types are specifically designed to carry out particular tasks. The main types of forklifts are the internal combustion and electric forklifts. The latter forklifts are used in the indoors as they are quiet and are emission free. These kinds of forklifts can be found in warehouses and factories. On the other hand, internal combustion forklifts are used to lift heavy loads and can be found in challenging outdoors like construction sites.
Some of the forklifts include:
Counterbalance forklift trucks are the most common trucks that are mostly used to lift and transport goods to warehouses and storage depots.
Reach Trucks: Maneuverability is what defines this truck. It’s meant for narrow spaces like isle of warehouses. The trucks can reach heights of 40 feet.
Telescopic Trucks are designed for challenging environment like constructions sites and for agricultural purposes.
Ride on Pallet Trucks: These trucks are mainly used to move goods for long distance to the storage compounds. The operators of the Ride and Pallet Trucks stands on a small platform when operating them.
Hand Truck: This forklift is the smallest forklift truck and is operated manually using hydraulics. The truck is used to shift small loads in narrow spaces and it’s wheeled by hand.
Side loaders: This standard forklift truck has prongs located on its sides for lifting and loading in particular environments.
The main components of a forklift include but are not limited to the ones given below:
Truck frame-axles, overhead guard, wheels, power source and mast are all connected by the truck frame which is found at the base of the forklift.
Cab-these is where the levers, dashboard, switches, controls pedals, steering wheel are found. The operators seats here when controlling the forklift.
Overhead guard-these are the rails that support the metal roofs. The latter ensures that the operator is safe from falling objects in a construction site.
Power Source-consists of internal combustion engine that usually runs on either LP gas, gasoline, diesel gas or CNG gas. Batteries are used in electric forklifts to power electric motors.
Mast-is used to lift or lower loads. The mast is operated using hydraulic cylinders.
Carriage-is very vital as it holds the attachments or forks. Rollers or bushings maybe used to act as a guide to the carriage to the interlocking rails.
Attachments-includes carton clamps, carpet poles, multipurpose clamps, slipsheet attachment, fork positioners and roller clamps.

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