Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Learn how to draw people faces step by step

The mastery of drawing the human face is complex to both seasoned and upstart artists. Artists attest to the fact that a single error while drawing a human face will result to a sketch or model that has no semblance to the subject being painted. That can also be said of situations where one is not at fault when drawing but the end product is not similar to the person being drawn. While the aforementioned may sound disheartening, drawing human face is easy. Learning how to draw people faces step by step is very crucial and will help to make the process enjoyable and easy. What is required is practice and keenly following how to draw people faces step by step.

The subsequent paragraphs in this article will provide you with a wealth of information on how to draw human face.

The complexity of the art of drawing the human face cannot be overemphasized. That is why it’s important to master the art drawing faces with the primary focus being on the lines that constitutes the face instead of the face as a whole. To be able to polish your face drawing skills you need to employ a step by step technique.

Here are some important lessons on how to draw people faces step by step.

Basic line art drawing are very important to start with as it will help you understand the steps below even better.

Step 1

Since the faces have an oval shape, it’s only logical to start by drawing oval shape with attention to the curves marking the four sides. The oval will be akin to a rectangle. After you have done that, draw a line horizontally at the center of the oval shape. At the mid-point of the horizontal line, draw a vertical line. On either sides of the horizontal line, draw the eyes. Along the eyes draw the ears.

Step 2

Dissect the bottom half with a horizontal line. The point on the oval shape where the vertical line and horizontal line meet is where you place the tip of the nose. After you are through, have the section underneath the nose divided again into two parts by having a line drawn horizontally. Place the mouth there.

Step 3

This step provides you with an opportunity to inspect and make some minor changes. Here you will join, with faint lines, the eyes to each other and the nose. Also have the centers of the eyes joining the mouth with vertical lines. For the proportions to be correct ensure that the lines are perpendicular.

Step 4

The face has to be highlighted to amplify the features of the sketched face by adding shadows. Proper shading is essential for the eyes, nose and mouth. The shadows above the eyes and nose require special attention.

Step 5

Although sketching hairstyle is quite simple, attention should be accorded where hair involved as the entire project can ruined because of a few strands.

To complement the lessons you learn on how to draw people faces step by step, is consistency in practicing. Do not confine yourself to one type of face instead practice drawing different shapes to master the art of drawing people faces-of course that doesn’t come overnight. Beginner lessons constitute how to draw people faces step by step, are very important for children who are interested in the art of drawing people faces.

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