Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lift Trucks

The lift truck is also known as the forklift truck or stacker truck. The lift trucks are designed and powered to lift and convey materials within the warehouse or any industrial facilities. Electric powered lift trucks are eco-friendly as they emit low carbon and are best used in the indoors. That cannot be said of diesel powered and gasoline powered lift trucks that are carry more weight and emit poisonous gases. While both the used and new diesel powered and propane powered lift trucks are used to lift heavy industrial loads, electric lift trucks can only be able to perform light duty works.
Electric lift trucks are operated using batteries and fuel cells. These batteries are rechargeable and can be used over and over. Using these batteries is advantageous as it is free of noise and clean to boot. The batteries don’t emit any hazardous emissions. That’s the reason why the electric lift truck is used indoors. The
The lift truck can be purchased from a number of reputable authorized dealers. Some of the well-known dealers where you can purchase standard lift truck include Toyota, Kion Group, NACCO Industries, Crown Equipment Corporation, Jungheinrich AG, and Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America among many others. The named dealers meet the safety and quality standards set by the relevant authorities of the respective countries where the companies are located.
Ensure that the lift truck you intend to purchase are in good working conditions especially if you intend to invest in a used lift truck.
The dealers you engage must be reputable to avoid frustrations. Ensure when you are in the process of purchasing lift truck you understand the technicalities involved and if you have any queries a dealer can explain in a such a way that you can understand.
The following some of the common lift truck types:
• walkie low lift truck which is usually electrically powered
• Hand pallet truck
• Rider low lift truck
• Rider stacker
• Reach truck-has a small forklift and is specially designed for narrow aisles and is electrically powered. It derives its names from the extended forks that can reach loads that are at a distance.
• IC counterbalanced truck
• Telescopic handler
• Sideloader
• Walkie Order Picking truck
• Rider Order Picking truck also known as Order Picker-it resemblances a small forklift only that the controller has to drive to the load and transfers the same bit by bit.
• Rider low lift truck
Hand pallet truck is the smallest lift truck you will find in the market whereas Rided low lift truck is the largest.
The high end specialty lift trucks include the articulated counterbalance trucks are able to offload trailers and have it loaded in narrow aisle.
Guided Very Narrow Aisle Trucks requires flat floor to maneuver well.
Explosion proof trucks these kind of trucks operate in areas dealing with explosive materials like pharmaceutical, chemical, logistics, food and other highly flammable environments. These trucks are known as Pyroban trucks, and must meet the ATEX 94/9/EC requirement in European countries.
The aforementioned lift trucks are not exhaustive but represent the common lift truck.

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