Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Touring Caravan

Purchasing a touring caravan requires a lot of financial commitment thus the need to insure your caravan against risks that may incur while on a trip. Third party liability car insurance is one of the options that you can explore for your touring caravan but it’s flawed in this aspect: it only covers part of the total cost of your cherished touring caravan and the contents therein! The difference can be quite big.
What you require is to find the right insurance cover should any eventuality occur to your touring caravan. Here below are some tips that may prove very useful:
Cheap is not necessarily the best option. Always take your time to study and understand the contents of the caravan insurance policy.
Some Insurers have taken all the necessary precautions against theft. The touring caravans have unique cRiS registration number etched on their windows. This is useful as it deters thieves from stealing the windows.
New for old cover is a worth option for a touring caravan that is not more than 5 years. Some insurers extend the offer for touring companies that are at least 10 years old. The arrangement is such that in case of an accident you will get a replacement of the same value. Most insurance companies have a limit that is stipulated in their policy schedule.
On your policy ensure that accidental damage cover is listed as standard. Ensure that furniture and furnishing, fixtures and fittings in your touring caravan are as well covered.
If you are planning a trip abroad with your touring caravan ensure that your insurance covers you whilst there. Some insurance covers are only confined to the country of issuance and in case of any mishap you will have yourself to blame.
The importance of an insurance cover for touring caravan cannot be overemphasized. In case you are involved in an accident you will end up losing a lot of money if the insurance cover you have taken doesn’t favor you. It’s therefore imperative to prepare for any eventuality while on the holiday by having the best insurance and have a peace of mind.

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