Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Holiday

Easter is a holy festivity marking the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is the oldest holiday for Christian’s .It is also a day when Christian believers make merry and dine and give thanks to their maker.
What does the word Easter mean?
According to some quarters Easter is derived from eastre, meaning a Norse goddess who was a pagan and held a pagan festival every spring. Actually, there is no relation with the resurrection of Christ, but has since time memorial been adapted by Christians and celebrated as Easter. While others say, Easter is derived from the English word “east” where we see the sunrise.
What does the great fifty days mean?
Easter is not a one day festival, rather, a season that extends for seven full weeks which is in contrary to what people think. The seven full week’s cycle is the great fifty days, which can also be referred to as the weeks of weeks. This is a period where Christians celebrate Christ’s resurrection, his appearances to the disciples, His ascending to heaven and the return of the holy spirit during Pentecost. The 40th day in the great fifty days, usually falls on a Thursday, and is often remembered by holding a special worship service.
When is Easter?
Although Easter may vary from different denominations, in roman catholic,Episcopalian,Lutheran, and protestant churches, Easter normally falls on the first Sunday that is right after the appearance of the full moon latter the vernal equinox. Therefore Easter may be celebrated from May 22 to as late as April 25 depending on your denomination. Finally, the paschal candle is allowed to shine continuously throughout the Great Fifty Days.
How is worship during Easter festive?
Easter is a day to make merry and dine with thanksgiving to Jesus Christ for dying on the cross and resurrecting on the third day. Easter on the other hand is the most special moment for Christians throughout the year. Musical instruments like trumpets, trombones, and endless hymns are also not left out in the celebrations! Some churches during this festive season may avoid completely kneeling, and instead stand, as a symbol that Christ is risen. The paths are usually draped with flowers(Easter lilies) and posters, while white is used as an emblem of cheerfulness and sanctity, a theme for all Easter Sundays, and a paschal candle is lite for the great fifty days.

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