Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Hague six are back with a bang

I admire Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto for their tenacity. These two have been criss-crossing the country preaching ‘peace’ with a motley of self seekers who are hoping to ride on the euphoria the Hague suspects are creating to find their way to parliament come 2012. The Hague has brought characters like UK closer to God than ever before. Seeing him profess his faith to the almighty God in public gatherings is a clear indication of what adversity does to our faith.
Seeing the two and their lieutenants share the same podium throwing epithets at Raila Odinga, the man blamed for their woes is quite interesting. For the Rift Valley to know lasting peace, the two suspects hold the key. If peace is to prevail in the vast Rift Valley region, it’s for Ruto to preach the same message as he hold sway in the county. And that brings me to my next point-resettlement.
The question of resettlement has been a thorny one and the efforts of by government to find alternative land for the IDPs has come a cropper. Why the government prefers this route is inane. These people had land before they were displaced. What happens to that land? And why did the Maasai in Narok scuttle the efforts of the government to settle them there? Other communities where the IDPs would have been resettled had declined and protested violently. As I stated early the government can employ the new found marriage of convenience of Uhuru and Samoie to ensure that the two communities live side by side in peace. Let the IDPs go back to their lands. Such a move is welcome as it will sieve the real IDPs from the impostors. UK and Ruto should limit their prayer forays in Central and Rift Valley. The meetings should be devoid of any political undertones that may spark hatred and unnecessary bloodshed.
For those capitalizing on the misfortunes of The Hague six by angling themselves to the IDPs should know that Kenyans are not shortsighted. When I saw some characters from the ODM wing of the government new found love for the IDPs I was appalled. What have they done for the IDPs since the post elections violence that rocked the country? Esther Murugi is a disgrace to women. She will strip naked if Uhuru is detained at The Hague! Remember her docket falls under the IDPs and she is yet to do anything tangible for the hopeless children and women who suffer most.
Let The Hague six face justice and they should remember for God to hear their prayers they should bring Kenyans together.

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Anonymous said...

To me , the whole charade by UK and Ruto will lead nowhere. Remember that a leopard cannot change it's spots. The rallies for peace have been occasioned by the conditions given by the pre-trial chamber judges at the Hague.

Remember Raila has been away on an official visit in the US. When his presence is felt, the temperatures are bound to rise again and some people might not be able to hold themselves.

Let's wait and see.