Thursday, April 28, 2011


HTC Hero
The sleekness and contemporary look of the HTC Hero is what makes distinguishes it from other smartphones. This striking device is a must have for every smart phone enthusiast. The HTC HERO comes in a rectangular shape, and a casing material that is extremely smooth and soft to touch, with evenly spaced buttons on the lowermost part of it and a search and back key to give it a striking look.
The features of HTC Hero, also referred to as T-mobile G2 Touch go head to head with iphone 3GS when it comes to power and style. Not only is it dust proof due to its Teflon coat, but also its address book links to facebook and has a QWERTY keyboard which is easy to operate. Its well-designed home screen widgets display live updates and supports flash video. HTC Hero has a 5 megapixel camera and a high amount of light, thus offering you the best shots ever. The underside of the HTC Hero smartphone is the snail pace with which it responds before it shoots a video. Not only is the HTC Hero modified and packed with outstanding features, but you also get to enjoy what the android OS has to offer.

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