iPhone 3GS


iPhones 3GS

If you are looking for a smartphone that will offer you speed, the iPhone 3GS (S stands for speed) is the phone to have. However, the iPhone 3GS has very minor changes on the outside from its predecessor iPhone 3G. Smartphone enthusiast will have a host of other features to enjoy from this amazing gadget. The iPhone 3Gs CPU has been upgraded up to 600MHz from the original 412MHz of iPhone 3G with the RAM at 256MB.
Not only is the iPhone 3GS interior compass new, but also has a storage capacity of 16GB to 32GB, and a 3 megapixels camera with autofocus feature, and the quality of its pictures is superb!
Other features of the iPhone 3GS include video recording, cut, copy and paste, Bluetooth, MMS, tethering, landscape keyboard options, multimedia messaging and voice dialing. Its battery is more durable than that of iPhone 3G and the multimedia prowess, continues to set the pace.
Its capability of recording a video is marvelous. iPhone 3GS VGA production of video is of high quality and can even outdo some camcorders. Not only does the iPhone 3GS give you the ability to capture videos, but also a choice to edit your own videos.

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