Saturday, April 30, 2011

The King of Poetry

His life has been synonymous with everything arts. He started off as a musician before he ventured to the less trodden path of (mashairi) poetry. To his fans he is known as Jungu Quu aka Maini ya Chura aka Damu ya Kunguni and all his aliases have a deeper meaning. Titus who produced his music album with Scratch Records is best remembered for his electrifying live performances that made him a darling of event organisers. The same energy is evident in his poetry performances.
The poet has been traversing the country to hold poetry workshops and the receptions has been phenomenon especially in schools. To show how serious he is in his new venture, Titus has gone the extra mile of dramatizing his pieces for easy understanding to students and poet enthusiasts. All the poems are on DVD with artists of note playing different roles. He introduces the viewer to every poem, shares the stylistics devices employed and the thematic concern that surrounds the poem.
According to this musician turned poet, the response of the poems is very encouraging: “The response that I receive from students especially those that are sitting for their exams is huge. After every show I let them ask questions and we brainstorm together with their teachers”. He also takes them through short stories and plays.
Titus is associated with Jicho Four as an actor and you can always find this unassuming poet at the Kenya National Theatre. “My future plans are well thought out. I have a foundation known as Juladha (Jungu la Dhahabu Foundation) that will modernize folkore to respond to the new generation taste”, says the focused Titus.
He has put on hold his music career in the interim to pursue his poetry ambition. Jungu Quu is also a distinguished song writer who has worked with the talented and sassy Nanaa and the gifted voice of gold Jayne. (I.V.A)

For information on Titus Poetry call: +254 716 249 395

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