Thursday, April 28, 2011

LG Eigen

LG Eigen
The LG Eigen is an easy to use phone that is laden with cutting edge features. The LG Eigen is set to cause major upset to other smartphones in the phone market. Packed with a new window Mobile 6.5 OS and the new powerful 3D UI, LG Eigen is definitely meant to be ranked very high.
Accompanied by a 5megapixel camera, CPU with MHz, Wi-Fi, 3’’WQVGA touchscreen, Bluetooth GPS and FM receiver. Another feature of the LG Eigen is a service that helps you locate your friends wherever, whenever, known as the gypsy location service, that is similar to Google Latitude.
Designed in a way that makes it easy to use, certainly, it does not compromise the advanced ability of windows mobile. Just by rotating the dice by a simple touch of a finger, you are guaranteed to easily access applications and features. With the LG Eigen, you can perform multiple tasks such as opening many applications in different windows without cancelling a task for another. Email on the other side is easy to set-up due to the good enclosure of features and application

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