Friday, April 22, 2011

The man behind YADAH studio.

He started his music journey at a tender age. Raised up in a family of musicians, it was only natural that he would take after them. Meet Etienne Mangala the founder of Yadah studios located in Umoja estate. His humble, soft spoken nature can be quite deceiving until you sample his work and resume.
To horn is skills in music, the young versatile producer and bass guitarist studied at the prestigious Real Music School in Kabete. He was to later join Daystar University for a short course in music and drama. He is an alumni of Kamata entertainment where he trained as a music producer. Etienne has travelled to Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo and the UK to perform for top artists from East and Central Africa.
Yadah studio, Hebrew for lifting up your hands has churned the best artists in the country. Etienne attributes this to the approach they take: “We take the musicians through all the aspects of singing like song writing, vocal training, promotion and distribution of their songs”, he says with a chuckle. The bass guitarist works with the’ mellow voiced Perminus, an outstanding song writer and voice coach. Perminus also plays the Piano.
Before he founded Yadah studio, Etienne was a music teacher at Greensteads International school in Nakuru. He offers guitar lessons at his studio and the number of learners is evidence of his prowess on the instrument. Etienne established Yadah studio to allow him to try his skills that he felt were lacking in music production. “My dream”, says the proprietor of Yadah, “is to assist, nurture upcoming and established artists to stand out in the competitive music industry”.

Some of the artists who have produced at YADAH studio include:
Nanah and Jayne – famous for the hit single Naliyah that has received positive reviews by music pundits (on YOU TUBE under the same name).
Pammy Muleka
Gospel brothers
One in Christ
Yadah Studio is located in Umoja Innercore estate, KM building along Moi drive opposite Grand supermarket.
Contact information:
Cell Phone No.: +254 723 621890
Perminus: +254 724 072 194

Vision: Set an entertainment company that will create a platform for upstart and established artist to explore and realize their talents.
Mission: To give artists a platform to realize and explore their talents.


Danny aka Tinted said...

Good work are the new face of upcoming artist.

Fiston Ramaz said...

This is so inspiring Sir. May our good Lord keep you strong and may you achieve all your dreams. BARAKA...!

Ziggie said...

I saw an artist you have worked with on NTV....KUDOS MAN. KEEP THE FIRE BURNING

buddy said...

excellent work you doing bro. keep the fire burning

Anonymous said...

Ndenge nini ndeko! Mosala na yo ezali ya makasi. Keep it on.

Frank Bulemi