Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why Mac is unmatched

If you are looking for reliability, longevity and class then don’t settle for anything less than a Mac. Precision and minute details have been invested by Apple engineers and designers to come up with a sleek built Mac. The MacBook Pro is light, slender, elegant and durable as its unibody enclosure is made from solid aluminum block.
Enhanced Performance
From the dynamo that is the Mac Pro to the equally outstanding mini Mac, every Mac comes equipped with the latest technology. Check the amazingly fast Intel processors, to the fast speed DDR3 memory and high end graphics. The Mac OS X Snow Leopard is cut precisely to take advantage of aforementioned technology. Regardless of the Mac in your possession you are sure to enjoy the superior performance when editing your videos, playing 3D games and managing your photos. Connecting to the internet has never been easy and fast thanks to the 802.11 Wi-Fi.
The quality of components and materials used in Mac computers are the best. Materials that are used to ensure that the high performing, top notch components of the Mac remain safe include: Aluminum and glass for both iMac and MacBook Pro or polycarbonate for MacBook.
Battery Life
The battery life of your any MacBook and MacBook Pro is second to none. For a single charge you are afforded 7 hours, meaning you can do a day job uninterrupted. Perfect for using in areas with power is shortage. What’s more? The Mac can be recharged for upto 1000 times and has a lifespan of 5 year. That’s threefold more than your typical laptop.
Multi-Touch Trackpad
The Mac notebook allows you to use more than one finger to check your documents, applications and images. To move up or down a page you can use two fingers with inertial scrolling. Use your fingertips to rotate an image. To flip through your photos you can use three fingers. To show your desktop, swipe with four fingers to view open windows and applications.
Other outstanding features include:
• Built in camera and mic-you can video chat with three people at a go using iChat.
• Wireless keyboard and first Multi Touch mouse in the world.
• Ambient light sensor-The user is relieved from eyestrain thanks to the light sensor that adjusts the screen brightness automatically on iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook.
• Magsafe power connector
• 802.11n Wi-Fi
• Backlit keyboard on
• Intel multicore processors
Mac is quite expensive with very few stores in Kenya and Africa by extension stocking them. You can make an order online with reputable dealers to avoid falling to fraudster. Enjoy your Mac experience.

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