Why some men marry women old enough to be their grandmothers


For financial independence young men in Africa have resorted to marry white women old enough to be their grandmothers. Take Mark. He had married his girlfriend of three years and sired two children with her. Although Mark did not show any signs of disillusionment in his marriage, he wasn’t ready to share his life with a broke lass. So he moved to Mombasa in the pretext of searching for a well-paying job but his mission was to actually hook up with a rich white women.
The dreadlocked man landed the much prized European woman 42 years his senior and moved to the UK. Mark, not his real name, attaches a lot of importance on wealth. “If I wasn’t married to my wife I would be wallowing in poverty in Africa”, he tells me with no sign of remorse “We have four villas in Mombasa that cushions me from the endless cycle of poverty. If I was with my Kenyan wife do you think I would be having all this property?” What is apparent is how Mark tries hard to justify his wealth.
His family was against the union. In fact his mother went to greater lengths to get him a local wife but Mark dismissed the arrangement. “How much does her payslip read?” he asked rhetorically. This is not an isolated case as many young African men have settled for older European women who don’t shy away from lavishing them with goodies and a lifestyle they could only dream of. It’s also an easy ticket for them to gain entry to Europe and the US and be granted citizenship of those countries.
This practice is common especially in the Kenyan coast where tourists flock for holidays. The young men marry the older women in the hope that they will get citizenship in Europe and their spouses wealth once they die. These women are overprotective and give their young lovers minimal breathing space for fear that they will wander to equally young ladies. Eric says he can marry an elderly wealthy women “if she can guarantee me wealth then why not?” Eric says those who are against hustlers from marrying wealthy women are not being sincere “how many women marry old men for financial reasons?” poses Eric.
And why do older women marry younger men? “If men can marry women young enough to be their daughters why can’t we do the same”, asks Ann who is in such a relationship, “that’s hypocrisy”. Here are some of the reasons given by women who date or marry younger men.
• Love: some women are naturally attracted to younger men who show and shower them with love.
• Superiority complex: some women don’t want to take instructions from men on what to do. If you pay the bills then you call the shots.
• Prowess in bed: younger men are more sexually active in bed and are ready to experiment.
• Younger men idol worship successful and wealthy women who have achieved a lot.
• Physique: Some women want to be seen with men who have tight compact bodies, with a killer smile.
• To feel younger: dating or marrying younger men makes older women feel younger.
• Ego: to boost her ego, an older woman may go for a younger man especially if she was dumped for a younger woman.
The reasons why women would settle for a young man are many and myriad. What is true about the young men who get themselves in this kind of relationships are not particularly hardworking. Of course some are in the relationship because they are genuinely in love while the majority are simply in it for financial survival.

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