Monday, May 9, 2011

Cell Phone Jammers

A cell Phone Jammer, as the name suggest, is a gadget that prevents mobile phones from either receiving or transmitting signals to base stations. The cell phone jammer when used primarily renders the phone inactive by disabling all communication. These gadgets can be employed virtually anywhere but are mostly used in places where silence must be maintained.
The 21st century ushered in a proliferation of cellular phones that came with its fair share of challenges. Invasion of privacy, exam cheating are just some of the challenges that came with the technological advancement. This intrusion to privacy and a myriad of other issues brought about by cell phones have made the cell phone jammer a necessity. The analog mobile phones did not present the aforementioned issues as they had poor reception and disconnected for simple reasons as high frequency noise. The cell phone jammer provides a cheaper alternative to the more expensive jamming devices like Faraday cages. The gadget was developed for the military and law enforcers for purposes of curtailing communication by criminals and terrorists elements. Companies that were contracted to initially design these jammers switched over to selling the gadgets to private entities. The cell phone jammers have seen an increase in demand and use of the devices especially in major urban areas.
Cell phone jammers like radio jamming, use similar frequencies that mobile phone use to send radio waves to block mobile phone use. This results into interference between the cellphones and towers rendering the phones unusable. The retail cell phone appears most times to be out of reach when cell phone jammers are used. Different bands are at play depending on which cell phone one uses, when sending or receiving communications from the towers. Cell phone jammer will interrupt the frequencies between the phone to the tower or tower to phone frequencies. The handheld cell phone jammers models can disrupt bands from 800 MHz to 1900 MHz within 9 meters range (30 foot). The small devices tend to use the aforementioned method whereas the more expensive and larger version to disrupt directly with the tower. Depending on the cell phone jammers, some can cover a radius of just a few feet whereas the more advanced units can cover kilometers. The energy used to disrupt signal from tower to mobile phone is less compared to signal used from mobile phone to the base station (tower). These cell phone jammers have proven to come handy in situation where maximum silence is expected to maintained, or in an examination environment.

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