Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to win that elusive man…

One man’s meat is another man’s poison rings true. Women come in different shapes and sizes but that’s not of interest today. What is of interest on this sunny day are the loathsome habits/behaviors that women should shun if they want to be hitched. The number of women out there looking for any breathing man-and not the fairy tale tall, well endowed, well groomed, well mannered, well everything man……is a testimony of desperate times our sisters are facing. Anything goes; a man is a man is the new lingua of single ladies in town.
The following tips will prove helpful if you are looking for a lifelong partner and not those tricky fellows who are lurking on your desperation for a one night stand.
Be truthful: If a man loves you he will not give a hoot if you come from Mukuru kwa Njenga or Soweto. So those well-choreographed lies of where you come from, what your parents do are absolutely unnecessary. “Am a virgin” such statements will come to haunt you especially if they are not true.
Be mean with some information: Some women will like to bear it all to exorcise themselves from past misadventures. Such information as the number of men you have slept with should be kept as a well-guarded secret. In case he insists to know of your past relationships tell him you have been in only one relationship even though you have been generous in your past escapades.
Dress code: Exposing over 95 % of your body is a no-no. It looks sluttish and leaves your date very little room for imagination. If you are going out for a date then it’s allowed but if you are going to visit his parents, you will be labeled a prostitute.
Drink in moderation: If you are a guzzler of the frothy liquids hide that habit until you are hitched. No one will be comfortable with a woman who drinks herself to lunacy.
Cook: The route to a man’s heart is the stomach. Treat him with a good meal and you will be sure to have him for life.
The Chatter box: Some women just can’t stop talking. They allow you very little room to express your views and in the process expose their ignorance.
Get pregnant: Unions have been sealed by some shrewd women who have fallen pregnant by conveniently forgetting to take after pills. This works well for men who want to sleep with you but don’t show signs of commitment.
Some of the tips provided above may be unorthodox but they work anyway. All the best in your endeavors to get hitched and give me a shout if you find the tips resources.

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