Monday, May 9, 2011

Romantic Love Letters

some say Love is food to the soul, while others say the world is an empty place without love, I say, love is a parcel, which is more than fragile, a package sent from above to fill our souls completely! Below are a few inspirational romantic love letters that will guide you when writing to that person you love most.

My love,
How are you? I hope this reaches you on time before you go to bed so that you may dream about me. Did you ever know you mean the world to me? That without you my love, I will die? We may be a thousand miles apart, but I know I am in your heart each and every day of our lives.
It pains me deep to the soul just by the thought of knowing distance is what separates us. But my love, I know that with time we will be together again, and such times are a test to gauge just how much we love each other. I would cross the oceans, just to be with you my love. You know there is absolutely nothing I would not do for you.
My love, this is just a simple letter, written by a simple lover, to express how you make me feel each and every time I think of you. You have brought a whole new meaning in my life. I miss the times you caress me gently, or hold me tight, and kiss me, and I cannot wait any longer to be with you.
Please come soon.
Love and kisses,
Your love.

The thought of you puts a smile on my face. Oh how I love the way you smile and the natural curves on your body. You are a dream come true in my life. I will never forget the day we said I DO at the altar. You made me the happiest man in the entire world! I can only imagine how much we have always sacrificed just to be together.
Dearest, you are my only bright star, the only food to my soul and I don’t ever regret marrying you. You take me to another world full of joy, each time you serve me breakfast in bed. I wish I was superman, I would take you to a place you’ve never been before.
Sweetest, let me be your prince charming, your survival, your reason to smile, your dream come true, your sunshine, and above all, let me be your heartbeat.
Sweetheart, don’t love me just because you love me, love me for a reason.
With love,
Your loving husband.


This is my letter to you with love. There’s no greater love than the one I have for you. I want you to know that you are my never ending happiness. Dearest, ever since the day I met you, I have never stopped loving you. My love to you is like a river that never runs dry; you are the perfect love mate one could ever think of. Sweetheart, I love you more than words could tell.
My love, every moment we share together, is even better than the moment before. What other husband would I long for apart from you my sweet one? I enjoy each and every time you hold me in your arms and promise me the world.
They say there is no greater love, than to love more, and that is exactly what you have done my love. You have always loved me like no other. You are the friend I never had, the companion I always longed for, you are my precious gift from heaven.
Dearest, you and you alone are my heart’s desire.
Kisses, your wife.

I just long to be where you are, to hold you gently and never let go. It is you my love that makes my world go round. Without you am like fire without a flame, a tree vine without branches, a river without a bank, and my love, the sky without clouds.
What other love would I long for apart from the one we share? You are the song of my music, each time I tune the guitar, it is your sweet voice I hear in my ears over and over. Am madly in love with you my sweet one. Your warm heart is what draws me to you each and every second of my life. I am nothing without you?
Sweetheart, you are my morning star, my soul deliverer, my sickness dose, my hearts doctor in times when am so low, and above all, my one and only. You are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Oh, my love, the thought of you just tickles my heart!!
Yours and yours forever.

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