Friday, May 27, 2011

Top Freelance Websites

With a computer and good internet connection you can make a decent living from the comforts of your home.

Freelance websites allows one to execute an assignment from the comforts his home. Many businesses are relying more on freelancers to complete their task that may include, but not limited to computer programming, graphic design and writing. To start on your freelance career ensure that you are experienced (You can start by working under a veteran freelancer to gain experience) and a schedule that is well planned out to ensure that you complete all the bids you win.
Small and large businesses usually hire freelancers to have their press releases written, developing or designing their websites without necessarily creating such a position in the firm. The freelance sites provided below will prove helpful in connecting those who are starting their careers as freelancers and those seeking their services.

Freelancer is touted as the most popular and user friendly freelance website you can find on the internet. It posts hundreds of jobs fitting your expertise and preferences daily. Freelancer basically covers all the jobs you can think of from SEO articles, data entry, data encoder, IT infrastructure, and web design and many other specialties.

Elance is an equally big freelance website that has enough jobs for every freelancer. The type of account that you use in Elance will determine the number of bids you place. Elance website is not as easy to use as other freelance website. The underside of Elance is that you have to undergo an eligibility exam before you are enlisted as a service provider. The phone number verification feature which is mandatory can be annoying if not frustrating.

Smashing Jobs
When it comes to design magazine, Smashing Magazine leads the pack. The readership is testimony to the enormous popularity it enjoys. Smashing magazine has a job board for part time to full time projects. Agreement between the freelancers and clients on prices is confidential.

Lime Exchange
Web designers and developers will find Lime Exchange website very useful when they want to find jobs fitting their skills. The number of clients and freelancers are high in Lime Exchange. What you are bound to encounter is the complexity and confusing nature of the website in their memberships plans.

oDesk has cut a niche as a popular freelance platform for freelancers to seek for jobs, enlist and search for tasks. At oDesk you can find endless job opportunities that fit your skills and expertise. Not only is oDesk convenient when looking for freelance jobs, their blog is also very resourceful as it provides invaluable information in understanding how to bid and other useful details.

VWorker (initially known as RentaCoder)

The VWorker website was initially known as RentaCoder, which is undoubtedly the oldest freelance website platform on the internet. VWorker stands for “virtual worker”. It provides a lot of projects opportunities to developers and designers. Rentador was the pioneer of “skill verification”.

PureDesignResources is a leader when it comes to freelance resource platform thanks to its easy to manage list and the creativity employed. The website comes with a striking array of tutorials, blogs, trends and relevant articles. It’s worth mentioning that PureDesignResources does not come with its own database. The commissions and jobs are varied as they are from different sources.


Anonymous said...

Just checked one of the website and the amount they pay is way to low......kshs. 80 for 500 word article? come on

Jayne said...

You have to atleast write ten articles to make good money but it all boils dnwn to hard work

Anonymous said...

All the mentioned sites pay very poorly and sometimes the clients you work for will not pay at all.