Thursday, June 2, 2011


As I walk in the streets I see very many young people dressed in all kinds of fashion. Dressing is an art in which it must be observed and done in a very careful manner. The age we are in (the 21st century) is challenging enough especially in the world of fashion for the young youths in our society. This forsaken decadal age gap (the 20’s) can become very foundational on the lifelong journey to dressing your age.

·Experimenting is always good; this might be your one and only chance in life of pushing your luck.
·Lose the logos: Graduate to putting on plain tees, polos and fitted button-downs.
·Investment, investment, investment: Invest in a good tailored blazer or two and believe me, it always comes in handy.

Out there in the world is a bus-load of fake advice for old-past your age individuals; but, what about you as the recent graduate or a corporate climber?

Turns out, the 20s are packing their fair share of complexities. However, the problem here arises from a delicate attempt to look more mature and simply not knowing any better. That’s why I’ve developed some rules for these all-important influential years.

The Code:

1.    Experiment
You have always been doing it, from the time you were in school during the science especially biology lessons to the dares you got or keep getting from your friends. The same spirit of experimentation should be adapted to clothing. Majority of the people in their 20’s do not know how to dress, so be a little experimental and test the waters with your favorite fashion trend and always remember fashion keeps on changing ;but, style doesn’t. Who knows, this might be the best time in your life to self discover yourself: to know what your style is; furthermore, you’ll live to push your luck and get away with it. Think about it; the only crime you have been permitted to commit.

2.   Go plain
Pull the plug on the big reading logo wear clothes from high school. By now, your mode of dressing should advertise your character and you know what they say, character makes a man. Hence the clothes should scream out your impeccable good taste and style. Change to plain tops, polos and leave behind the baby stuff.

3.   Back to the beginning: Invest, invest, and invest.
Start from the bottom going up and invest in some few types of attire like a fitting tailored blazer, jeans and dress shirts that are fitting to your body type. They will always come in handy almost every time.

4.   Find the perfect fit
It’s not right until it fits. It might not be astonishing to learn that your entire wardrobe is in a desperate urge of an extreme cleansing. You are in your 20s and you are growing up, make sure that the blazer’s shoulder seams to actually hit you at the shoulder, the torso should be trim and not tight and the rear should not catch the attention of the individuals. The same should apply to your other wears.

Interview wear                 
 Simplicity is the key. Put on a gray or navy suit and don’t accessorize with anything that can be professed as too pretentious or distracting like cuff-links or a big, bad-ass watch. Instead, when it comes to the official interview wear, put your money where it belongs and pays, like the perfect pair of shoes and a matching belt. If not perfectly tailored, make sure that everything is fitting to distinguish you from the other college graduates in oversize suits.

Formal affairs
The sternness of black is not the best choice for an interview; but, it’s very much the only choice for an event especially a black-tie event. A properly tailored two-button black suit with side vents can perform multi task when paired with a white fitting-cuffed shirt, patent leather lace-ups and a bow tie or a crovert (slim fitting ties).

Weekend wear
An old stand-by always comes in handy; a T-shirt and jeans. Dress your age by trading in tops with labels and logos for fashionable plains, oh and please lose the flairs. Try on simple and improved straight-leg male fitting jeans. The only show that should be on your feet is either fashion sneakers or a simple basic boat shoe. Come night time or should I call it the rave renders hours, put on some swag with a button-down or polo, material like trouser e.g. Burberry jeans and that all-purpose basic blazer (told you it always comes in handy)

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