Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi deserves some respect

The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s grip on power was dealt a devastating blow when NATO joined the fray in the quest of ousting the ‘king of kings’. The rebels played a cameo role of firing in the air in celebration after NATO had done the job of ‘liberating’ Libyans from the jaws of a tyrant. The tyrant countrymen did not pay electricity bills; water bills and the medical care was top notch. Libya under the leadership of the ‘king of kings’ did not have a single homeless person.
Why NATO decided to ‘liberate’ Libyans is rather comical. What are they liberating Libyans from? The rag-tag rebel outfit provided the West with the perfect guise to oust Gaddafi for their own selfish ends. Unlike Tunisia and Egypt, this was not a popular uprising. It was dictated by the greed for Libya enormous oil resources.
African countries that are endowed with natural resources are in a state of perpetual wars. The people in those countries never enjoy their God given resources. Nigerians have oil but its populace languishes in poverty. Education and healthcare is expensive-if you can even access it, the roads are deplorable, water is an issue but NATO has never intervened. What have they done in Zimbabwe, DRC? Libya has managed its resources well for the benefit of its people.
The colonel can be credited with ensuring Somalia has some semblance of order-he used the petro-dollars to bankroll the African Union. This man should not leave the stage as a villain at whatever cost. Gaddafi was a true Pan-Africanist who agitated for a United States of Africa. His country hosted a large number of emigrant workers from sub-Saharan Africa who couldn’t find any meaningful work in their country. Gaddafi was not an angel-he had some serious shortfalls but which of our leaders has never erred? Let’s cross our fingers that Libya does not take the Afghanistan and Iraq route. Long live Libya.

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