Saturday, September 17, 2011

THE CODE-The Street Style For guys

The key….never overdo it.
‘’Ever been is a scenario where you are in haste then all over sudden you happen to grab your roomy’s shirt instead of yours…bro, you definitely have a problem’’.

For a long time, ladies have been complaining about their men’s frumpy, unimaginative style. Guys, all that we are really asking is that you coordinate (match), avoid those skinny jeans and please try to put on some fitting clothes. Be creative in what you wear i.e. try not to go with what the other person is wearing but find some self made style that will lead you not to kicking rocks after that first date…if you even reach that far.  Be unique.

To the average Joe, fashion has never been anything more than that jeans and shirt/T-shirt. Dressing up for work or play, fitting trouser and a buttoned down shirt will work out just fine for him. Spicing up a little bit, he might spot that tailored suit, ONLY during that special occasion.  For the heterosexual man, fashion has never really been that too much of interest; well…until now.

Dress like a man

Some men, sexual preference aside, just love fashion. There's nothing wrong with that if you follow trends set forth in the fashion advice blogs like A Continuous Lean or The Urban Gentleman who take quite a better approach to fashion and provide good guidance to people who are clueless about fashion style, fittings and color coordination. They also advice on some of the latest trends(though I advice it would also be better to have your own unique trend) in men’s wear.
 I take it as my duty to let you know that women do not want to date men who dress anyhow. Never put too much thought into what to wear because you are just going to end up looking like you are from a period piece.  In today’s world, you will not be amazed to find men dressing up and trolling in the streets hoping to be photographed or get noticed by people. What have we come to?

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