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‘Vacation, vacation, vacation’. Kinda sounds interesting ehh? Many people ask what they should do for a vacation and I have come to realize, not so many people share the same ideologies about travelling. It’s always very important to get out of that nest and travel to see the world and it’s different cultures. Relax, go free style for once and open your mind to new things and experiences of life. Some of you might be like, ‘oh traveling is done with people who got money only, traveling is very expensive’, true, travelling needs money; but, it doesn’t have to be the royal expensive vacation. Think of it as investing whereby you have to save up in order to spend up. 

Traveling gives us the opportunity to disconnect from our regular life.
Everybody has problems/issues. Travelling can help you forget those issues for some time and can help you figure things out that it would not be possible to figure without that distance travelling. You get to live in cloud nine for a while. We all have schedules and responsibilities to adhere to and deciding to take that vacation whether alone or with some friends can make you realize how good and relaxing how some things are for an individual. Like they say, ‘you never know what you have till you lose it’. 

Another great benefit is the relaxation you get to do.
I always say, live life to the fullest coz you only live once…but don’t live it anyhow. Enjoy the stress free time with yourself. Going on that coveted vacation makes one to recharge his/her  life batteries (he feels like a new born full of life and ready to start over) by disconnecting from the real life. When you get back…walla, you feel happy and more motivated and you feel like you wanna start over.

Traveling increases our knowledge and widens our perspective.
Site seeing and viewing new customs is mind relaxing. It gives one a new perspective about life. It can def help one change some habits about life and even create new ones. When traveling, I always make it a point of trying new things out especially food. Some cultures have different codes of eating, some don’t have chips (fries) and others use lots of spices (especially coastal region) and not fats or oil. Visit exotic new places and get your Mojo back on. 
New experiences increase our resourcefulness
I have come to realize that people who travel or have travelled a lot in life, have natural ability to overcome life’s problems and are ready to embrace change that others would frown upon. You get to experience living situations that you would never experience at home. This is an awesome experience for you as an individual when you get back to your normal life routine

When traveling with friends or family it creates memories for a lifetime.
These are the same memories that will create a very tight personal bond that is inerasable no matter what happens in with the relationship. It cements the bond forever and gives a new meaning to the relationship. It also makes one to have nice stories to tell people afterwards. A picture says a thousand words; you can create photo albums concerning the trips you have made and when you feel you are on the down low you can take an hour to go through the photos again. This way, it will be like you will be experiencing the trips all over again.

It’s never been this cheap to travel.
Like I said, its fun requires money and as usual, you don’t need a whole sack of it to enjoy. There are many budget airlines and tour companies fighting out there for your cash right now. I suggest you use the services of travel and tour companies and you also read travel blogs and see what others are experiencing.
Get some time off and experience the beauty of the world, the nature of wildlife especially here in East Africa. Don’t wait to convince yourself a better time will come to travel: the time is now and I promise you that when you get back, you won’t feel sorry that you left.
Feel free to let me know how traveling has really helped you and what you look forward to in your next trip.
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