Monday, September 5, 2011


Live performance, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting down and listening to the beautiful live music after a tough day. Well…that’s what actually happened at the heart pumping Paragasha event last Tuesday: hosted by the one and only Anto and the beautiful sounds of Edna, Joy Shambula, and Patricia Kihoro who acted as the backups at the Club soundd (Hamilton House, Kaunda Street) in Nairobi.
The show started at around 7:30 in the evening where one was to pay Ksh 200 at the entrance. As we got inside, it was packed to capacity not forgetting the following day was a holiday. The whole place was filled with the weekend swagger, from the presence of very beautiful ladies to the jubilant mood of the party people. By the look of things, things were about to get down fun-right.
Things started on a solfa-ladder note where Anto and the group hyphened the show as usual but the most interesting part was how other people really contributed to the show i.e. some joined the stage and danced along with the rest of the crew including some foreigners who really felt at home. Being a social place, there was definitely loud music playing especially when the groups decided to take a break; being my second time there, things were definitely getting better and better in terms of performance improvement. Everybody was having fun to the maximum, I even found myself so carried away by the music that we (my friends and I) were dancing to the Paragasha music. It is truly a culture thing to be at the Paragasha. Well, everything that has a beginning, so must it have an end and at this, this was a bitter sweet end.
The show ended at around 10:00pm but eventually for some people, the night was still young. From there we took the party to…....that’s a story for another time when I focus on the Nairobi party to go to places on my next blog.    

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