Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Ever Green Kijani
Utamwabia aje, Pole, Trendsetters, Watakanini and the latest single that is causing ripples in the local entertainment scene ‘Breakout’ are some of the songs spewed by the lyrically endowed trio of Christine Chege and twin sisters Elizabeth Njuguna and Caroline Njuguna. Popularly known as Kijani, the girl band has been spreading its tentacles in East Africa where they have performed in well attended shows in Uganda leaving many similar girl bands green with envy. Here is an exclusive interview with the TAHB….. TAHB: When did you discover that you had the gift of singing? Kijani: Way back in our childhood years. Our parents realized we had the passion, they encouraged and supported us towards that. We attended the same high school and after completing Form four in 2009 we decided to pursue music professionally. In 2010 we got signed to Cypher Studios and have been working with them since. TAHB: What informed the type of music you play and what’s the reception like? Kijani: We aren’t confined to a particular genre of music; however our debut album has pop, trance and RnB influences. We’ve tried not to lose the African touch therefore incorporating our native sound to the above influences. The reception is unbelievable so many people have embraced our type of music. We are really grateful to our fans. TAHB: Individually do you play in any instrument? Caroline: I play the recorder. Christine: Am learning to play guitar. Elizabeth: Am learning to play the piano. Does music pay your bills? We haven’t reached to a point where we rely on music for our livelihood but we are gradually getting there. Do you have an album out? We are working on the final touches of our debut album ‘the Kijani Way’. We plan on releasing it in mid 2012. Ya’ll better get ready…! Why did you choose to shoot your video in Uganda? We wanted a different experience and also wanted to broaden our fan base in East Africa and UG was our first stop. We are planning to venture into other African countries. What is the inspiration behind your music? We get our inspiration from our everyday experiences as a result we have songs that address many issues in the society from HIV/AIDS to feel good songs. Songs like ‘Utamwambiaje’, an AIDS awareness song and our most recent hit ‘Breakout’, which urges people to come out and embrace their personalities. Just to name a few. Besides music, do you have any other side business? Yes. We are all first year university students in Nairobi. Education is very important. What are your major achievements in as far as your music is concerned? Apart from the places that music has taken us and the doors it has opened. We’ve had the honor of meeting phenomenal people in and out of the music industry. The major achievement has been inspiring so many young people especially young women and girls who see view us as role models- which is really fulfilling. Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years? We would want to reach out to people and make a global impact and continue inspiring people through our music. What is the secret ingredient to your success in music? Hard work, determination, consistency and discipline. That’s the secret….hahaha. What are the challenges that you face as musicians? Being young, beautiful and sexy women is already a challenge. Some people mistakenly assume that we are where we are because we received favors, which is untrue. We have worked hard for everything that we have accomplished thus far! What are your hobbies? Whenever we have time we like doing what all normal people our age do; going out, partying, shopping….shopping…,and making friends.

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