Saturday, March 16, 2013

Headteachers missing the point…

I was taken aback when I visited my niece in high school recently. The school had acquired a very expensive bus equipped with a powerful a powerful music system to ostensibly provide transport for their students during ‘education tours’. Each student was to pay KES. 3000 and the payments are to be made indefinitely. Every student who is admitted at the school has to make such payments to go towards the bus fund never mind that some will never use it. The priorities of the school principal together with the BOG-who advise him- are totally warped. Why for example would you have a bus worth KES. 4 Million When the school doesn’t have a laboratory and if it has one it is ill equipped? And to add insult to injury the school buses are either parked in the school compound or are hired to transport mourners to funerals-simply put the buses are for hire. The events in the school calendar are less than ten making the idea of owning a bus absurd. How this contributes to the overall performance of the students is anyone guess. The parents who can hardly pay their children fees are burdened with other expenses that add no value to their children. Also worth mentioning is how the head teachers arrive at the penalty they slap students after a strike. The amount is very unrealistic and the parents are not involved or an independent body to carry out a thorough audit of the damage caused. The figures are included in the school fees without an explanation whatsoever to the parents. I would expect a tabulation of the damaged property, cost per item and such information. If students went on the rampage and only broke window panes how do you charge each student 2,000 in a school with a population of 900 students. That is in my books stealing. The recent pay rise by the government to the teachers will hopefully allow the schools to be run in a more professional manner. Hopefully the teachers will concentrate on imparting knowledge and not devising ways of fleecing parents. School buses with powerful music systems aren’t useful in uplifting the standard of the children. Next time I visit my niece I hope to hear stories of an improved laboratory that allows them to carry practical lessons comfortably. That will make me a proud parent.

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