Saturday, April 20, 2013

Choppah Man : A force to reckon with

He is in a pedigree of the finest raga artists in the country. His flow and energy on stage is characteristic of Elephant man, the celebrated Jamaican raga sensation. Music pundits have labeled him as the face of African raga. Hail Choppah Man-an alias he got from Banda of Ogopa Deejays. The dancehall artist fuses his music with an afro beat giving it a breath of freshness and uniqueness. He has done collaboration with the cream of East African artists from Nyota Ndogo, AY, Daddy Kiu, Boy Funton among other top notch musicians. Choppah Man derives his inspiration from the day to day happenings. “Every time I encounter something that captivates me, I want to tell it through my music”, he reveals. “I love music, it means everything to me”, adds Choppah Man. “Big things will go down in the coming year, be ready to experience the bliss of Choppah man” Before he ventured in music, the dreadlocked artist used to model for a living. He was to later abandon modeling for music-his first love. Choppah man has recorded six songs that have been well received by his over-bulging fans. He has also released three videos that are receiving massive airplay on local and international television stations. Choppah Man is also sharpening his acting skills as he readies for the production of a movie that will be shot in Kenya in February next year. He will be one of the leading acts in the movie and promises his fans nothing short of quality. Bad Mind Filmz Production-which he owns, will be heading the shoot. The easy going artist has strong feelings towards drugs abuse and advices young people to give drugs a wide berth. "The youth should be focused and stay away from drugs as they will ruin their lives", he offers. "Big things will go down in the coming year, be ready to experience the bliss of Choppah man", finishes the amiable raga heart-throb.

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