Saturday, April 20, 2013

K'hoppa - The lyrical whizz kid

At only 19 years, Kelvin Maina aka K’hoppa has proved to be one of the best local hip hop acts. His lyrical prowess is ably demonstrated in his latest hit single Kiereere. The powerful delivery of the song, message and the ease with which he spits the lyrics is evidence of the immense talents K’hoppa possesses. The straight A student will be joining Maseno university next year (2012) to study medicine as he continues to pursue his music career. He shares his music plans with TAHB in an exclusive interview... “ K’hoppa is a nickname he earned in high school thanks to his love for hiphop. In full it stands for Kayvoh Hiphoper ” THAHB: Tell more us more about your new single? K’hoppa: My new single KIEREERE is a hip hop song that highlights the problems that afflict the ordinary Kenyan. It's about Members of parliament who while their time debating on irrelevant issues while they ignore real problems that affect the common man. At one time they said that no Kenyan died during the hunger earlier this year while it was common knowledge people were dying. This is what my track is all about. THAHB: What is the inspiration behind the track? K’hoppa: The song was inspired while I was watching the 7 PM news. According to the reporter, parliament was being renovated at an astronomical figure that was to be footed by the tax payers never mind the IDPs are yet to be settled and unemployment is at an all time high. I found this rather skewed and decided to do a song on the same. THAHB: The reception to your single has been great. Did you expect that from your fans? K’hoppa: Hmm mm, to be sincere I never thought I would make such a huge impact like am doing right now having in mind it is my first single. It's so touching when someone calls, texts or sends an e-mail telling you that your song is a hit, the message in it and the delivery is powerful. You just have to sleep like a king that night. (hahahaha!!!) THAHB: What has been your highest moment as a hip hop artist? K’hoppa: I feel happy when am performing on stage and my audience is all ears listening to my message only to get a loud applause at the end of it. A fan saying 'usha penya' while am performing gives me enough stamina to press on. THAHB: Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years? K’hoppa: I will be the biggest hip hop artist in Kenyan-and am serious on that one. THAHB: Who are the artists you admire most and would like to collaborate with? K’hoppa: I admire all the artists in Kenya who work very hard to be household names and have a positive influence on the youth. I would like to do a collabo with Octopizzo because people say we have a similar voice, (haha) but a collabo with any other artist would be acceptable if it advances my music career. THAHB: What challenges have you faced as an upcoming artist and who helped you most? K’hoppa: Challenges are a test in every musician's career. I recorded a song with a certain Record label in town and the producer kept urging me to flow like some other artists. He did not give me a chance to show him what I was made of. It hurts that you are not given a chance as an underground rapper to do your thing in peace. I thank my Dad and Mum for their support. Facilitating my music recording and even giving me fare to attend shows and concerts. My manager(Toni), Edgar Ogaro, My producers(Etienne and Paul), Rapcha sayantist, Jahcure, Moha d Lion, Angie(Ghetto radio crew) for giving me a chance to perform during serious request 2011 held at the Hilton grounds and taking my CD for air play. Bonnie, Marto,Hassan, Chris, Justo-the list is endless. I would be nothing without them. They mean a lot to me. THAHB: Are you working on an album? K'hoppa: Yeah. Am working on an album to be ready as soon as possible. THAHB: Are you single? K'hoppa: hahaha. Am simply single THAHB: What should your fans expect in 2012? K'hpppa: I will be releasing more hits in 2012. As long as I have my fans backing me the sky can only be the limit.

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