Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nahna: The Lakeside finest

She is touted as one of the hottest female acts in the lakeside city of Kisumu. Her music is fresh to the ear and she's promising to deliver more hits to her ever surging fans. Nahna, as she is popularly known to her fans, has been able to chart her music career to unfathomable heights. The Kisumu Polytechnic student is working on more 'collabos' as she spreads her tentacles across the country. Here is an interview she granted TAHB… TAHB: When did you discover that you possessed the talent to sing? Nahna: At the age of 8 years, when I was in class four. I loved singing along to Abba, Michael Jackson and Celine Dion classics. I was also able to compose my own songs that tender age. Tell us more about your brand of music? Nahna: The genre that I am comfortable in is afro-fusion laced with a pop touch. My kind of music is very dynamic to meet different taste. TAHB: What is the inspiration behind your music? Nahna: Mostly from life experiences. Most of the songs that I have done have a story behind them-they relate to the things I have seen, done or heard. TAHB: What has been your highest moment as an artist? Nahna: During the 'Safaricom Kenya Live Concert' in Kisumu. It afforded me the opportunity to perform for the first time on stage with a live band. It was also humbling to share the stage with the finest talents from Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi. TAHB: Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Nahna: I will definitely be one of the best female artists in Africa. TAHB: Does your music receive favorable airplay in the major radio stations? Nahna: Not really- but stations like Citizen Mambo Mseto by Willy M Tuva and keeping it Kenyan with Wizz and Sanaipei have been generous enough in giving my music airplay. TAHB: Who are the artists you admire most and would like to collaborate with? Nahna: The artists I admire most are Celine Dion and Amani...I would love to work with Wyre. TAHB: What challenges have you faced as an upcoming artist and who helped you most? Nahna: A myriad of Challenges like: juggling my music and school is no mean task, it's also an expensive venture to record and do marketing. Some people would like to take advantage of me because am a female. TAHB: Are you working on an album? Nahna: Not yet. Am still working on some 'collabos'. The kisumu Anthem that features Junior B, Enexx and myself, which is now on You Tube. Am also doing the final touches on An Kodi with Devji and the latest project which we are working on together with Nebulazz called AMANI. TAHB: Are you single? Nahna: Am not Single. TAHB: What do you have in store for your fans this year? Nahna: My fans should expect more from Nahna this year and am Grateful for all the Love and Support from all my fans.

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