Saturday, April 20, 2013

Permi: The Voice coach

Perminus is now a Proud father of a beautiful angel....Check out the story we carried of the talented Gospel Artist two years ago..
Perminus Kihima is on a mission to spread the word of God using his rare gift of singing. He speaks in Swahili with a tinge of Lingala making his speech almost musical. Permi, as he is popularly known to his fans, grew up and attended school in Kakamega county. His powerful vocals earned him a place in the Church of God choir where he sharpened his talents under the watchful eyes of the choirmaster.

The gifted vocalist and pianist move to Nairobi in 2006 was genius. He joined the House of Bread church in Embakassi where he met other equally talented artists who shared his zeal in music. He worked under Dennis Wampayo as a back-up singer before he ventured on a solo career. The young man who grew up in Kakamega has grown to become a force to reckon with in the local gospel scene. His music cuts through all age groups.

The young and old can listen and get inspired with the carefully arranged songs from this budding artist. He says of his music: “I compose songs with a message everyone can listen too. I work hard to ensure that my music has a global appeal”, adds Permi. What sets Permi apart from the pack is his ability to play live music. This has earned them a number of shows in weddings and Crusades across the country. He has recorded one album with Paul aka Pololo. Permi cites distribution of his album as well as airplay being the major headache. “Radio stations select songs based on ‘big names’ and not merit. People who listen to our songs cannot understand why there not played in the FM stations”, he divulges.

Permi is proud that his music pays his bills. He works as a vocal coach and producer at the Yadah Studios. He also offers piano lessons. The mellow voiced artist draws his inspiration from God, his pastor and life in general. He hopes to collaborate with Eunice Njeri and Billy Franks.

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