Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rabbit - Kaka Sungura

Rabbit lyrical mastery is undeniable. His latest single, Bangaiza has placed him safely in the pedestal of Kenyan Hip Hop finest. Kaka Sungura, as he is popularly known to his fans, was discovered and his talent nurtured by DJ Loop. In an exclusive interview to this writer, Rabbit shared the hardship he had to overcome before he became a force to reckon with in the tough terrain that is Kenyan music industry. “I was in and out of school because my parents were not in a position to pay my school fees”, says a relaxed Rabbit. He ventured in the lucrative yet dangerous trade of peddling marijuana where he managed to be independent by paying his school fees from the proceeds. “The money was good so I told my parents to take a break from paying my fees” explains Kaka Sungura. He quit the trade and doesn’t use any kind of stimulant. After successfully graduating from high school, he set a business at the Nyayo National stadium market where he sold second hand clothes. His music career was shaped when he meet DJ Loop who was impressed by Kennedy Ombima untapped talent. DJ Loop went on to sign him at sneed music studio on a two year contract. Since then Rabbit has not looked back. His lyrics are a departure from what most Kenyan artists have to offer.‘Dodoma’ which he collaborated with Harry Kimani has a rich story line about his girlfriend who is engaged in criminal activities. Rabbit narrates the agony he undergoes when his girlfriend leaves for Dodoma never to return. The song is an all time favorite that propelled Rabbit to fame. Sitaki Kukuona is witty although some music pundits feel that it degrades the value of women in a relationship. ‘Bangaiza’is what you want to listen to after a long day of hustling for that elusive shilling. His latest album features a number of artists including Lonely Island an international band. Aside from music, Kaka Sungura owns a graphic design, a print company and a clothing line (Kaka Klothing line). The 24 year old maestro is focused on realizing his dream of establishing Kaka Empire recording company which will provide a platform for upcoming artists showcase their talents. His hobbies include watching movies and travelling. He does not abuse drugs and strongly feels that drugs waste so many youths. In the hip hop realm Rabbit has been dubbed as one of the best talents in the country. This leaves you with one answer on ‘WHO IS KING’

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