Saturday, April 20, 2013


She epitomizes elegance, sheer beauty and refined talent. Effortlessly blending her enviable dancing skills that propelled her to fame in the local entertainment scene into her music, Toxic has become one of the most sought after act in the international music arena. Locally though, Toxic music is receiving a rather lukewarm reception. The sassy artist shares with TAHB about her experiences since she ventured in music. TAHB: What informed your decision to venture into music and ditch dancing where you had cut a niche as the finest act in the country? Toxic: I didn’t ditch dancing-I still love dancing and I incorporate it in my live performance. Becoming an artist is just inspired by my love for live performance. TAHB: What is the response of your songs in the local and international music scene? Toxic: Locally I have met a bit of resistance but that was expected since most of the people still view as a choreographer, but internationally the response has been phenomenon. When I had the chance to perform abroad I proved myself as an all rounder artist and the response has been great since then. TAHB: An article appearing in one of the Kenya local dailies seemed to suggest that you have not matured as a musician. Do such sentiments dissuade you? Toxic: Such articles are there to keep me on my toes and encourage me to work harder and improve music wise. TAHB: What is the secret behind your successes in Europe where you have staged well attended shows and curtain raised for artists of repute? Toxic: One thing I am known for is the ability to entertain; with my back ground as a dancer I have the prowess to capture people attention. And of course my team has also helped a lot in marketing Toxic as an artist. I’m still new to the musical aspect of the entertainment industry but am definitely an artist to watch out for. TAHB: Tell us more about your new single featuring Tiera Gee? Toxic: This song was inspired by my love for dancing just like the chorus suggests. I wanted to write a song that one can dance to and at the same time have a meaning attached to it hence the independent theme of the track. The song basically describes an independent lady who has her life in check and also brings out her playful nature and ability to be in control. TAHB: Do you have an album out? Toxic: Working on it but my trips overseas have made me change my plans because I am still adjusting to my new environs so we shall see when I will have it out. TAHB: Who are the artists you admire most and would like to work with? Toxic: From Uganda I’d love to work with Sheeba and Marlaw from Tanzania. TAHB: What are some of the challenges you faced out when you started out as a musician? Toxic: Well there is always resistance to change, and some people still think I’m better off as a dancer but with time it will grow in them & they will learn to accept my new venture. TAHB: Are you planning on holding any shows in Kenya? Toxic: When I jet back home am planning to hold a number of shows. TAHB: What should your fans expect in 2012? Toxic: God willing 2012 should be a year of success for me as an artist and I will work my ass off to top the charts.

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