Thursday, December 19, 2013

Crisis after Crisis seems to define UhuRuto Government

When the duo of Uhuru and Ruto cruised to power we were treated to jubilation, basketful of tears (Ruto) and lofty promises. Nine months down the line these promises remain just that. The President and his deputy have been shambolic in handling the mundane of challenges that come their way. Let’s take a peak preview of how the jubilee faired on its formative months in power…
Cracks emerge when naming the first Cabinet Secretary
Kenyans were informed that the Cabinet Secretaries will be devoid of any politicians. The Deputy President, His Excellency William Ruto, was the main character parroting this position. Well the President went ahead and appointed Najib Balala and Charity Ngilu. A Kidero (Slap) on the face to his Deputy!!
Runaway insecurity
Insecurity is so common that police officers call it: “A normal robbery”. Terrorism is so rife in the country that grenades have formed part of our vocabulary. The government woke to the reality of terrorism when Alshabab attacked the Westgate and wasted over 70 innocents Kenyans and foreigners. How the government responded to the murderous Alshabab left a lot to be desired. Kenya Defence Forces went on a looting spree and tainted the good work Kenyans had done in mobilizing resources for the people affected through the Kenyans by Kenya initiative. A commission of Inquiry was to be instituted but it seems the President forgot the moment KDF flattened Westgate. Terrorists are still busy making life impossible for hardworking Kenyans.
Draconian Laws: Newspapers are for wrapping meat
The parliament that is pre-dominated by Jubilee lawmakers passed a draconian law meant to muzzle the media. His Excellency weighed on the topic-he doesn’t have time for newspapers whose work according to him is to wrap meat. The same President invited media editors to State for Tea or whatever that was-now they know better.
Jubilee: Rebellion within the Party
The simmering rebellion blew in public when MP’s allied to the Deputy President and the President decided that the prayer meeting organized in North Rift that was aired live on TV was the perfect opportunity to air their stinky linen in public. Now Kenyans know of skewed procurement in favor of one side of the coalition and so forth. The exchange that followed was juvenile indeed for the Jubilee coalition. Promises that had been made by one side of the coalition had not been fulfilled and so on. It reeks of a tribal coalition between two tribes that doesn’t have room for the rest of the 42 tribes.
Jubilee responds to Teachers strike with Threats
The teachers strike dragged for a month before the Government came to an agreement. What we were treated was a theatre of sorts where one arm of the Government didn’t know what the other was upto. The underhand tactics of Mike Sonko of recording his meeting with one of the top of official KNUT was so Soviet Union and not a way to negotiate. We must give it to the Deputy President for intervening in the strike that was crippling to its second month.
Doctors Strike
The hardline stance taken by the Government is only leading to more death of innocent Kenyans. The top mandarins in the Government have insurance cover that ensures that they get the best medical care in prestigious hospitals. So to them it is a game to see who will budge first. The result is more deaths of otherwise preventable causes. It is incumbent upon the Powers that be to come up with a formula that seems to address the doctors concerns to save Kenyans lives.

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