Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kenyan Hottest 2013 collaboes

The local showbiz scene has been ablaze with Kenyan artists collaborating with renowned international acts. Leading the pack is Redsan and Wyre who are at par with their Jamaican counterparts. Other local artists have teamed together to give us some catchy tunes that have topped the charts. Here are some of the hottest 2013 collaboes..
Redsan featuring  Demarco-Badder than Most
Dancehall sensation Redsan teamed up with Jamaican Demarco to give us one of the biggest hits of all time. Badder than Most was big topping charts beyond the borders of Kenya. Debate is still raging on who between Redsan and Wyre is the finest dancehall act in the country.
Wyre featuring Alaine-Nakupenda Pia 
Wyre is internationally known on the microphone bagging awards after awards. He has collaboed with who is who in the local and international music scene. This year he nailed it when he dropped Nakupenda pia with celebrated Jamaican songstress Alaine. Other artists who have worked with Wyre the love child include Cecile and Gramps Morgan.
Collo, STL and Mimmo-Floss na Wewe
When a galaxy of Kenya finest artists work on a project what you expect is a bombshell and that is what Floss na wewe is.  The setting of the video and the well-choreographed dance moves is simply classy; Collo does not disappoint as usual so does Mimmo and when you add STL in the mix what you have is a bombshell.
DK Kwenye beat ft Anto Neosoul - Sari Sari
The duo of DK Kwenye beat featuring Anto Neosoul have done an incredible job with gospel hit Sari Sari. It is one of the biggest hit and is receiving massive airplay on both radio and TV.
Octopizzo feat Amina-Swag
Number Nane finest got swag his hit single SWAG featuring Amina potrays just that. Amina vocals complement the hip hop icon lyrical flow.
P-Unit feat Alicios-Mobimba

Mobimba is a smash hit with a danceable lingala beat. P-Unit have perfected the art of pelting danceable if not controversial music. This time round the trio have used the services of the equally talented Alicios.  
Kidis, Ameelena, Wyre and DNA

Grandpa records have been on a roll. Kamua leo featuring Mombasa finest Kidis; the vocally endowed Ameelena, Kenya dancehall king Wyre the Love Child and king hitmaker DNA was on everybody lips. The video is flavored with the Dashy Crew dancers who have done justice to the video.
Ringtone featuring Gospel artist-Jubilation
Kenya was celebrating 50 years since independence and Ringtone seized the opportunity doing a song on the same. The celebrated gospel artist was able to bring big shots in the gospel industry a la Mbuvi, Emmy Kosgei and a galaxy of other top Kenyan gospel artists. Jubilation has been well received by Kenyans.
Daddy Owen and Juliani-Utamu wa Maisha
Whatever the two gospel giants touch turns to gold and that’s what the duo of Daddy Owen and Juliani deliver. Utamu wa Maisha is in wide circulation in the local media and receiving positive reviews from music pundits.
Jay A featuring Sage-Doombala

Doombala doomblaaaa.. is a party anthem that has propelled the two new comers Jay A and Sage to the pedestal of notable artists in Kenya. The collabo between the duo is sizzling hot and goes down as one of the best collabo this year.

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I like what ur writting, enlighting us in all this is just wow, if kenya continues like this we are going to go up the chats for sure, mkenya milele najivunia for sure