Monday, December 16, 2013

Leading Cause of Death among Kenyan LegislatorS

Aviation accidents are the leading cause of death among Kenyan lawmakers. The fatal crashes have led to the demise of Ministers, MPs among other top government officials. Numerous ‘Commission of Inquiry’ have been instituted to investigate the cause of the plane crashes but the findings are never made public. Why such senseless crashes occur is anybody guess. Here is a list of Kenyan prominent personality who have lost their lives as a result of plane crashes..

Prof. George Saitoti: Internal Security Minister
The Professor of mathematics met his death on 10 June 2012 following a fatal plane crash. The then Internal Security Minister had been invited by his assistant, Joshua Orwa Ojode, for a fundraiser in his Ndhiwa constituency. It was a doomed trip as the Kenya Police Eurocopter burst in flames before it came tumbling down killing the Minister, his assistant, bodyguards and crew members. The crash occurred barely a few minutes before takeoff in Ngong forest. Prof. George Saitoti was Kenya longest serving vice president during President Moi tenure.

Orwa Ojode: Assistant Minister for Defence
The chemistry between Orwa Ojode and George Saitoti was indeed enviable. Ojode was the Internal Assistant Security Minister and Ndhiwa constituency MP. On 10 June 2012, together with his boss, he boarded a police helicopter where they were to attend a fundraiser in Ndiwa constituency. The two never made it to Ndiwa as the plane crashed killing all on board. On May 11, 2009 the lawmaker escaped another plane crash by a whisker when the chopper he had boarded with other government officials and journalist nearly crashed. 

Kipkalya Kones: 
Kipkalya Kones was a force to reckon with in the Kenya political arena. The ODM legislator, who also served as the Minister of Roads in the Grand coalition, died in a Cessna light aircraft as he was heading to Kericho to campaign for Benjamin Langat in the Ainamoi by election. He never reached his destination as the aircraft crashed in Narok district killing the Bomet MP and Assistant Minister of Home Affairs Lorna Laboso. The fatal accident occurred on 10 June 2008.

Lorna Laboso: Assistant Minister of Home Affairs
The ODM stalwart had accompanied Kipkalya Kones to Ainamoi constituency to campaign for Benjamin Kipkirui Langat after the seat fell vacant following the death of David Kimutai Too. The plane crashed killing her and the other three occupants.

Bonaya Godana: Peace Mission that Never Was
Together with other legislators and religious leader, Bonaya Godana boarded a Kenya Air Force (KAF) plane with one mission in mind: to secure peace among rival communities near the turbulent Ethiopian border. The then North Horr Constituency MP and deputy leader of official opposition did not make it to the destination as the plane crashed killing 13 other passengers onboard. Among the dead were two assistant cabinet ministers. His death on April 10, 2006 robbed Kenya one of its most illustrious politician. In 1996, the veteran legislator narrowly escaped death in another helicopter mishap in Marsabit airstrip. The former Kenya Foreign Minister died aged 53.

MP Mirugi Kariuki: Leader of Delegation
He was among the legislators who boarded the ill-fated KAF plane to Marsabit to mediate between the warring clans along the Ethiopian boarder. Until his death, Mirugi Kariuki was the MP for Nakuru Town and assistant internal security minister under former President Mwai Kibaki regime. The plane struck a hill as the pilot attempted to land amidst heavy rain.

MP Titus Ngoyoni: Assistant Minister for Regional Development
The then MP for Laisamis and assistant minister for Regional Development was among the passengers aboard the KAF plane that killed six legislators. Hon Titus Ngoyoni was another statitic of leaders who have died in plane crashes.

MPs Abdullahi Adan, Abdi Sasura and Guracha Galgallo
The three MPs met their death on the KAF plane as they were heading to the volatile Ethiopian boarder to work out a lasting solution in the volatile Marsabit region.

Ahmed Mohamed Khalif: Celebration turns bad
NARC had trounced KANU in the 2003 general election and that called for celebration. A number of ministers, including the Labor Minister Ahmed Mohammed Khalif headed to Busia to celebrate with the locals. The labor minister return journey never was as the plane he had boarded crashed as it took off killing him and two pilots.

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