Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A man who hasn’t taken a shower for the last 60 years is now looking for love

He hasn’t showered for the last 60 years and he has no intention of hitting the showers anytime soon. Mr. Amou, now aged 80 years, is on a mission to get hitched. The Iranian believes that taking a shower will make him sick. The aged man favorite meal is rotten porcupine and his favorite pastime is smoking from a pipe filled with animal faeces. His lifestyle has seen him become a pariah in his Dejgah village in the southern province of Fars in Iran. Amou taste buds have a thing for carcasses and water from rusty can. Whenever he needs a haircut, he burns his locks in a fire. Mr. Haji now holds the world record for the longest time without showering beating Kailash Singh of India who took 38 years. Additional Reporting: The Tehran Times reported

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