Monday, January 20, 2014

A night of Partying turns Tragic as a first year students dies

Moreen Chepkemei
A Kenyatta University first year student is dead after a night of merry making. Moreen Chepkemei was in with company of three friends when the tragic incident occurred. She is said to have complained of a headache when one of the male friend offered to give her pain killers which were in his car.
According Kenyatta University Student Association (KUSA) chairman Lone Felix the two took almost an hour after they went to take the medicine. The male friend drove Moreen and two of her friends to her hostels in Ruiru Campus where she reportedly fell unconscious. They decided to take her back to the main campus where her condition further deteriorated. They called an ambulance at around 5 am but she was pronounced dead on arrival at the university Health Unit. The incident was reported to the police and investigations have already started to establish the cause of death.

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