Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Celebrities from the hood of Kibera

This hood is known for all the wrong reasons. From uprooting railway lines during demonstrations to illegal electricity connection, insecurity, poor sanitation and a myriad of other issues. That aside, the largest slum is a tourism hub with the high and mighty visiting to probably gloat at the poor living standards of the slum dwellers. Slum tourism is the in thing and Kibra has not been left behind. The current president of the US Barack Obama visited when he was the Illinois senator among other key personalities. Kibera has a good reputation too-it had the best performing primary school Kenya. Although the glory days of Olympic primary school are gone by it produced the highest number of pupils who went to national schools. We take a tour of the slum to have a glimpse of some of the celebrities trace their roots from Kibra.
Octipozzo Number nane Henry Ohanga aka Octopizzo is one of the hottest hip hop property in Kenya today. This easy flowing rap guru was raised in the sparse Kibera slums where he attended his primary and secondary school education. Octo has won many freestyle battles including the Hip Hop Halisi Freestyle challenge, G Pange Hip Hop Challenge among other competitions. He has also opened doors for upstarts poets, rappers, dancers and graphic artists in Kibera through Y.G.B. (Young, Gifted, and Black) which he founded. Octo is one of the few artistes from this side of the Sahara to have shared the same stage with international artists such as Dead Prez among many others. He has also been featured in the popular Shuga and Mali programmes where he made cameo appearances.
Wakimbizi: Pioneered Local music This group from Kibera that consisted of three members before Andre went solo gave us back to back hits that topped local charts for weeks. Nampenda John, Amenoki DJ and Hallo Hallo ruled the airwaves before the group fizzled away. Wakimbizi along the late E-sir and Nameless popularized local music with their hilarious lines and equally witty videos. The two remaining members of Wakimbizi-Mariko and Filter are half Kenyans and Ugandans. The duo are working on making a major comeback to continue where they left. Funny Man Geoffrey Oyoo He was pitted against the best comedians in Kenya and funny man Geoffrey Oyoo emerged the overall winner to clinch the Toyota D-max that was on offer on the Top Comic competition. The Kibera slum boy delivered his punchlines that left viewers in stitches and quickly earned him a near fanatical following. Top Comic was hosted by Kenya foremost comedian Daniel Churchill Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i. Oyoo is a standup comedian in KTN’s Kenya Kona that is aired every Sunday.
The Smart Joker from Kibra In his clownish wear and heavy Luyha accent the Kibra funny man is a must watch on Churchil Live. Over a very short period of time the otherwise unknown comedian who worked as a farmhand has become an overnight sensation. Smart Joker is also a musician with the hit single Analogue to Analogue.
Refigah: GrandPa Founder Refigah was the experimental type whose free flowing rhymes in English, Swahili and native Nubian language distinguished him from his peers. The rapper turned founder of one of the most successful record label in Kenya is a product of Kibera. GrandPa records has signed the multi-talented DNA along a host of other renowned and upcoming artists in Kenya.

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