Monday, January 20, 2014

Coast Artiste Daddy Q Evicted from Father's Funeral for Being Illuminate

A coast artiste was denied a chance to pay his last respect to his father after he showed up at the funeral in a limo, reports the Star. Daddy Q, who is now based in Nairobi, is accused by the family of joining Illuminati. According to Word Is the limo that took the artiste to funeral was not his but a friend’s but the family adamant accusing him of sacrificing his father to gain success.
"I was called and told that my Dad has passed away in Mombasa from a heart attack. So I made plans to go for the burial. A pal of mine lent me his limo to take me to Kilifi where my father was to be buried. On arrival, my uncle asked me why I decided to come with the limo. He accused me of joining Illuminati because how else could I afford a limo?" said Daddy Q.

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