Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Diamond exposes Willy Paul as a liar

Diamond has denied ever agreeing to do a collabo with Kenya gospel artist Willy Paul. Diamond told WordIs he knew Willy Paul through Willy Tuva who had told him that there was an artiste who loved his music and wanted to meet him. According to Diamond he met him and they took a couple of pictures and he showed him some of his work.
“Yes I know of Willy Paul and I meet him briefly when I was in Nairobi. He was introduced to me by Willy Tuva who said there is an artiste who loved my music and would like to meet me. When we met, he showed me some of his songs, we took photos and he said he would love to do a song with me, that was it.”
Diamond said he cannot do a collabo with him until he listens to his music. “At the time we were meeting I did not even remember his name.” said the Bongo star.

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