Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Exceptional Kenya First and Second Ladies Making The Country Proud

Kenya has had colorful First Ladies who have captured our attention with outstanding charitable work. We watch them on Television sets cuddling children who are in need, helping eradicate jiggers and less politicking. Retired President Daniel Toroitich Arab Moi never saw the need of a First Lady so we did not have a chance to know Lena Moi. Second Ladies are also visible when it comes to assisting those in need. Here is what these wonderful people do.
First Lady Margaret Kenyatta Philanthropic Ways The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta can be defined with many adjectives: She’s classy, beautiful, fashionable, easy going and most importantly kind hearted. But what is legendary about Kenya First Lady is our philanthropic work. She has been involved with many charity events including a recent visit to Imani Children Home. At the home the kind hearted First Lady played with the children. She is also a vigorous campaigner on HIV and AIDS and has also been associated with Bloodlink Organization. Just recently she was at Labos Primary School located in Labos Primary to precede over INUA DADA Sanitary Towels Distribution Programme 3rd phase.
The Mercurial Lucy Kibaki And The Role She Played She was Kenya First visible first lady after Kenya second President Daniel Arap Toroitich preferred the solo approach. Former Kenyan President did not mind Lucy Muthoni Kibaki from being by her side until his second term when the former First lady was missing in action. This is probably because of her antics that embarrassed the then President. Despite her so unenviable dress code Mrs Kibaki was very vocal when it came to voicing the rights of the less fortunate. Although she is no longer in public limelight Mama Lucy she is the current chair of the Organization of the 40 African Ladies Against HIV/AIDS.
Former Second Lady Pauline Kalonzo Pauline Kalonzo was the Second Lady during the Kibaki era. She has been actively involved with the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation. The Foundation is known to give food aid to people in hardship areas, assist in paying fees to needy students. She was not always in public limelight and her good deeds cannot go unnoticed. Rachel Ruto: Despite Woes Haunt her Husband She finds Time For Charity She is busy with the ICC case that is hanging over the head of his husband the Deputy President like the sword of Damocles. But when the beautiful Rachel Ruto is in the country she devotes her time on projects are beneficial to the country. Just recently she pledged assist, Butere and Likuyani Primary, her former schools where she educated. She has been crisscrossing the country urging youths and Women to take advantage of the Uwezo loan.

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