Friday, January 31, 2014

Fred Omondi Career On the Rocks and Apparently Dead Broke

He was one of Kenyan’s most promising comedian until fame and perhaps fortune got into his head. According to a story that appeared on the Pulse, Fred Omondi downfall was as a result of Partying too hard and women. The stories goes that Fred used most of cash without a care in the world to treat ladies who used to spend nights at his house.

The comedian free fall was exacerbated when the contract to his Crazy Comedy show got terminated. Controversy followed when some so called ‘hater’ started spreading rumors that the funny man was HIV positive. He was also said to have allegedly battered his girlfriend on a number of occasions.

Fred Omondi friends said financial ruin led him to move from his palatial Kileleshwa house to some seedy address in South B with a friend. The actor refuted this allegation and told the Pulse that he bought the Kileleshwa house for a cool 7 million rented it out. He opted to rent an apartment in city view for convenience purposes.

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