India: Woman Gang raped on orders of Village elders for sleeping with man from another Village


13 men gang raped a 22 year old woman in India ultra-conservative eastern state of West Bengal on orders of village elders, reports Hindustan Times. The women’s crime, according to the report, was sleeping with a man from a different community.
The village elders, known locally as “salishi sabha” (Griebance Committee) meted ‘rape’ as punishment after the women failed to pay a fine of Rs 25,000 ($400) slapped on the two for going against the mores of the community. The man was able to raise the fine. The woman told The Hindustan Times “It’s horrific. They (rapists) are all our neighbours and I call some of them as kaka (uncle) and some others as dada (elder brother) or bhai (brother).”
Police arrested the 13 men involved in the heinous act after the family complained and took the young woman to hospital in critical condition. This is not the first time such incidences have in reported in West Bengal.

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