Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kenya Most Controversial Female Celebrities

Talent alone is not enough and to be noticed you have to pull some unsavory antics. Some female celebrities have perfected this art and continue to trend in the local showbiz industry. Here are some of the controversial female artistes in Kenya:
Beautiful, talented and controversial are just some of the adjectives that can define Avril. Her hit single Chokoza got tongues wagging. The song had undertones of lesbianism a taboo subject in Kenya. Later photos were circulating online of the sassy singer making out with another lass. The photos went viral and instead of the episode diminishing her status in the showbiz scene it only popularized her. Avril is a provocative dresser who knows how to wow a crowd ala Madonna. The Ogopa singer has mastered the art of capturing the attention of her fans through such antics.
Pendo: Thrives on Celebrities

Courting controversy seems to be Pendo’s past-time. The socialite sensationally claimed that she had slept with gospel powerhouse Willy Paul. The publicity hound had already soiled Willy Paul’s name when she finally admitted it was a fabrication for her own ‘showbiz gains’. Willy Paul name had been tarnished and his career was on the brink of destruction. The socialite shifted sights to celebrated Nigerian rapper Navido and alleged they had a thing going. Then came Kenyan football ace Dennis Oliech who the socialite is reported to have had a fling with. Dennis was quick to refute the allegations made by Pendo. Wonder who will be next.
Vera Sidika

She burst in the public limelight when she appeared in P-Units video ‘You Guy’ dancing seductively. The video was banned in some TV stations citing explicit content. Vera Sidika was the center of attraction and so more her booty. The socialite profile has grown in leaps and bounds and she has appeared in Videos of renowned artistes in Nigeria and Ghana who pay top dollar for her services. The Kenyatta University student is reported to own a top of the range car and an upmarket apartment in a leafy suburb. Just to show how serious the Kenyan public appreciates her assets, the voluptuous socialite appeared on Churchil Live Show.
She leads the pack of the most controversial female celebrities in Kenya today. Apart from contesting in BBA and setting a new record of the shortest stint in the house; the socialite is full of drama. She has been throwing barbs at Prezzo and his new Tanzania catch Chagga with abandon. The boss lady had the temerity of accusing Prezzo of being a broke mama’s boy. Huddah and Prezzo had a thing going though at the time denied. The socialite nude photos have been circulating online. She has also posted photos of herself smoking joint and the boss lady seems all cool.
 Rachel Shebesh

Although she is a politician in another life shebesh would definitely be a celebrity. Her beauty aside, Nairobi Women Representative is known for a bare knuckle politics and dares whoever she feels infringes on the rights of the people she represents. This has earned her some beating but Shebesh doesn’t seem to slow down. The beautiful legislator was also in the news for allegedly being involved with another lawmaker. The photos leaked online but this hasn’t deterred her from carrying out her duties. These are the hallmarks of a true celebrity. 

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