Monday, January 13, 2014

Kenya Showbiz Bad Boys

The Kenyan showbiz scene is alive thanks to the controversy brewed by our celebrities. We have been treated to repulsive antics by some of these celebrities but we continue to religious follow them. Here are some of Kenya bad boys.. Prezzo
Jackson Makini alias Prezzo is Kenyan most controversial bad boy in showbiz. The king of bling was recently reported in The Standard Newspaper that he was allegedly involved in a gunfight with a Swiss Military Officer. The rapper has in the past had beef with his fellow rapper Jaguar and most recently Tanzania finest Diamond. The cash money brother is not afraid to flaunt his wealth and spend handsomely. Women love the rapper whose current catch is Tanzania beauty Prezzo's Chagga Barbie. What is not in doubt is that he commands a near fanatical following as evidenced by Big Brother Africa reality show where he emerged runner ups a fete that has never by any other Kenyan. Shaffie Weru
He has earned the moniker Bad Boy of entertainment for his demeanor and controversial streak on air and off air. He is that next door neighbor who doesn’t give a hoot of what you think of him as long as he puts his point across. Shaffie has been caught up in rather unsavory situations. At one time he drank himself to lunacy and had to be thrown out of the Nakuru Rugby event held in Nakuru. The top radio presenter has been associated with a bevy of beauties who he seems to replace at will. Shaffie makes a good pair with Kalekye Momu on Kiss FM evening drive where he is a co-host. Kaleyke Mumo is rational while Shaffie is the exact opposite further spicing the show. This guy is one of Kenya most sought after emcee in the country and you have to pay through the nose for his services. Kenyans women must love bad boys! Tony of MoG
Formerly a member of the famed MoG Tony stood out as the bad boy of the gospel. Tony had an uncanny way of attracting controversy that did not seat well with other group members. This being a gospel group any perceived transgression is a big no-no. The acrimony he had with the other groups members made the bad boy of gospel part ways with them. What is true being a gospel artist always puts you under the microscope as Tony would discover. Abbas: Gangstalicious
He spits flawless rhymes, brews beef with abandon and his looks betray all the hallmark of a gangsta. His rhymes, delivery and the way he works the crowd are the hallmark of a bad boy. His looks not withstanding fine ladies troop to the K South finest. Before he got divorced he was married to the beautiful white Baby gangsta. That was probably the shortest ever lived marriage in Kenyan showbiz industry. Dennis: Kenya Number Striker
He was the biggest football export Kenya had ever produced until the entry of Southampton FC Victor Mugube Wanyama. Dennis Oliech has amassed wealth over the years he has played in the many international football clubs in Europe. With fame and fortune comes droves of women who want to share the spoils. Dennis the menace as he is popularly known for making minced meat of defenders is not mean with his money. Ladies who have been dated will tell you his bad boy side since he never shows interest after the deal is done. Shappaman
Let’s start with his hairdo. So 90’s but looks so refreshing on him. The guy dress code is so revolutionary, cool and bespeaks volumes of his persona. That aside, Shappaman is known to attract controversy like moths to a flame. His short temper is legendary and you would not like to cross his line. He is quick to throw a jab at the slight provocation. The superstar nevertheless is a magnet to the ladies who don’t seem to mind his company.

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