Wednesday, January 22, 2014

‘Mad Dog’ is seen devouring human flesh of a slain Muslim with relish as retaliation for his murdered wife

Oundja Magloire aka Mad Dog is popular for all the wrong reasons. He has been eating human flesh of Muslims slain by marauding Christian mobs in the Central African Republic. The cannibal blames Muslims for killing his wife.
The following Pictures are very disturbing.
A man who goes by the name of Mad Dog cuts off a portion of a burning body to eat, as the bodies of two lynched Muslim men are burned in a street in Bangui, Central African Republic
'Mad Dog' licks blood off a knife, as a crowd prepares to burn the body of a lynched Muslim man in Bangui
Men carry the body of a lynched Muslim man through a street in Bangui, Central African Republic, on Sunday
A French soldier looks on as the body of one of the lynched Muslim men burns
Horrific: Ouandja Magloire - who also calls himself 'Mad Dog' - is seen eating the leg of a Muslim slaughtered by a rampaging Christian mob in the Central African Republic

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