Man accused of performing sex acts with cow and sheep may face jail


A man has been found guilty of performing sex acts with cows and sheep near Tottenham Hotspur’s training ground and may face jail.

Paul Lovell has been convicted of outraging public decency, including ‘fellatio with a cow’, after being spotted by a couple who were having a picnic.

Judge James Patrick told Wood Green crown court: ‘This is a case which, as far as I am concerned, is unique. Custody is a possibility.’

Mr Lovell, 61, had denied the charge, protesting to police who arrived at the scene that he was ‘just relaxing’.

The IT worker then pleaded ‘not guilty’ saying he was simply trying to shoo the animals away so he could sleep , despite reports that he was wearing nothing but a pair of shoes and socks at the time.

Lawrence Stephen and his girlfriend Natasha Brennan had been picnicking in the Enfield area of north London on September 4 when they spotted Mr Lovell trying to get a cow to ‘lick or suck’ his genitals.

After a number of unsuccessful attempts with the cows, it was reported that Mr Lovell ‘tried his luck with some sheep’.

There had been numerous instances of sniggering in the court this week, particularly when the judge unwittingly suggested a witness demonstrate what Lovell was doing to the sheep.
Source: Metro

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