Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Man Impregnates sister In law

What would you do if you found out your sister has been impregnated by your husband? Well, a woman had enrolled for a two year diploma course in teaching and sought the help of her sister to ensure that her house runs smoothly as she was away ‘chewing books’. It is reported that the man of the house, popularly known as Mabele, got into cozy relationship with his sister in law. The absence of the wife and the treatment the man got from his sister in law catalyzed the relationship to an intimate one. The Standard reports that the neighbors suspected something was amiss but opted to mind their own business. Mabele secret was unraveled when her ‘caretaker’ fell pregnant just as the sister was about to graduate. The graduation party that was supposed to be a celebration of Mabele wife achievement as a scholar turned sour when the young girl revealed she was pregnant to the consternation of the invited guests. It is reported that the woman of the house blamed herself for her long absence and bringing her sister to her house.

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