Friday, January 10, 2014

South Sudan Army Marches To Bentiu Town to Rout Rebels

Government forces in South Sudan are matching to Bentiu and Bor to rout rebels allied to former deputy president Riek Machar. According to the army spokesman Philip Aguer, the troops are facing little resistance from the rebels in their bid to retake the town. Bentiu is experiencing a mass exodus of civilians in anticipation of the troops advancement while rebels are strengthening their positions. Bentiu is vital to both the government and rebels as it is the capital of oil-rich Unity state. Ongoing peace talks in neighboring Ethiopia have not yielded a ceasefire although the chief mediator Seyoum Mesfin is optimistic a ceasefire is in sight. Ugandan Army is accused of propping Salva Kiir. According to the BBC over 200,000 civilians have been displaced. The fighting that has cost over 1,000 deaths erupted after the incumbent President Salva Kiir accused Riek Machar of plotting to oust him from power.

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